Management Innovated

At Link Management, Athlete and Talent Management is redefined. Our Management Division offers services far beyond those of just contract negations. Link’s Total Athlete Management approach provides each client with a pre through post career management plan that reflects a sophisticated understanding of the unique needs of our clients as athletes, market brands and private individuals. Our approach begins at the heart of the client and extends out from there.

While contracts at every level is a key part of what we do and the expertise that we provide, we recognize that our clients require a management approach that is more diverse and specialized then simply offering them contract negotiation services. Using The Athlete Office Model™ and The Link PlayerCo Planning System™, our Total Athlete Management approach is collaborative, transparent and accountable to the complex needs, professional requirements and personal goals of our clients.

Link’s Athlete Management Division, offers several Core Athlete Management Services that establishes the foundation and provides the starting point for The Link Total Athlete Management System™ and The Athlete Office Model™


As a fully certified athlete agency, the negotiation of a professional sports contract is our bread and butter. We have professionally trained negotiators who will ensure that the contract you end up with maximizes your professional value, while aligning with your personal needs and goals.


Understanding that how our clients perform as an athlete directly effects the value, term and contract options they receive, we believe that we also have a responsibility to provide our clients with the resources and strategic direction that will enhance their long-term development and in-game performance. Our strategy for Athlete Development and Performance reflects the evolution of Athlete Management. Learn more here.


We not only help athletes discover, develop, and refine their personal brands, but we work tirelessly to forge and solidify strategic partnerships with the corporate partners who will align with the athlete’s brand and values. This is an integral component of our Athlete Marketing division. Learn more here.


We pride ourselves on our relationships with the families who have entrusted us to advise and assist them and their amateur athletes with amateur and college team placement and selection. Our team specializes and differentiates ourselves in our ability to steward the amateur athlete development process, which includes ensuring our athletes end up in the environments that will best maximize the amateur athlete’s development, both as a person and an athlete. Learn more here.


Post career planning is a cornerstone of Link Management and one of the most important reasons we do what we do each day. Based on Link’s core principle that Our Athletes Use Sport to Create Success in Life and Not Life to Create Success in Sport™, helping our athletes transition well is our primary focus. By pro-actively working with and preparing our athletes for this transition, we are able to maximize their post playing career opportunities.

Beyond the core service offerings that our Athlete Management Division provides, our clients benefit from an extensive service platform that is based on delivering ‘Best in Class’ services, solutions and resources, designed to meet the individual needs of our clients. Through Link’s internal client services team and Link’s Athlete Office Partners, the Athlete Management Division offers expertise within each of these additional areas.

Contract & Financial

  • Contract Management & Income Maximization

  • Career Planning

  • Family Wealth and Investment Planning

  • Tax Planning

  • Private Banking Services

  • Family Wealth Counselling

  • Budgeting and Savings Planning

Insurance & Compliance

  • Career, Disability, Critical Illness, Life and General Insurance

  • Accounting and Compliance Services, Including: Cross Border and Multi State Filing,

  • Personal and Corporate Tax Filing

  • Legal & Career Management

  • Intellectual Property Management

  • Licensing and Endorsement Agreements

  • Wills and Estate Planning

  • Immigration Services

  • Family and Matrimonial Law

  • Litigation and Arbitration

  • Draft Preparation

Marketing & Social

  • Personal Brand Management

  • Personal Image and Presentation Coaching

  • Social Media Training

  • Brand Market Alignment

  • Endorsements and Advertising Campaigns

  • PR and Communications

  • Event Management

Lifestyle and Legacy

  • Legacy Planning

  • Health and Lifestyle Consultation

  • Personal and Family Counselling

  • Charitable, Philanthropic and Personal Legacy Planning

  • Concierge Services

  • Business Diversification & Personal Development

  • Life After Sport Transition Services

  • Personal and Business Diversification Planning

  • Culture Orientation and Language Training

  • Life Skills and Leadership Development

  • Pro Player Mentorship

The Link Total Athlete Management approach is built upon one single premise, We Use Our Expertise to Manage, While Our Clients Use Their Expertise to WIN.