Your Brand in Demand

The Link Athlete Marketing Division is relentless in its commitment to helping our Team Sport and iSport Athletes leverage the world around them by creating targeted and relevant programs that deliver measurable value for our clients and the brands they partner with. Our Team of Brand Managers, Marketing Experts and Intellectual Property Advisors, offer a full suite of services needed to maximize our clients brand asset, endorsement value, speaking opportunities and brand representative agreements.

Our personalized client marketing process is based on The Link MVP Branding Model™, designed to increase our clients Marketability, Visibility and Profitably both during and following their playing careers. While we recognize that each of our clients are and want to be seen as regular people given the unique opportunity to play the sport they love, we also understand that playing these sports, within a very public domain, makes each of them a unique market commodity and valuable brand. It is through our specialized athlete marketing process, brand activation strategies, corporate brand alignment partnerships and our Integrity First philosophy that we always seek a balance to protect our clients desire to maintain a regular and private lifestyle, while also activating strategies that will maximize their personal brand value, generate enhanced market awareness and provide them with both brand diversity and sustainability.

Each of our athlete marketing initiatives begins with a personalized brand comm strategy, followed by an individualized brand development plan, high impact creative content design, focused brand activation campaign and strategically identified and negotiated brand alignment partnerships.

Through this process, our clients benefit from many of the following specialized services, training and support offerings available as part of the Athlete Marketing Division.

  • Brand Awareness Training

  • Social Media Training

  • Image, Presentation and Media Training

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Brand Communications Strategy

  • Personal Brand Development

  • Creative Content Design and Brand Packaging

  • Website and online Presence Development

  • Brand to Brand Alignment Strategies

  • Market Activation Services

  • Intellectual Property Protection and Brand Asset Building

  • Brand Diversification and Sustainability Planning

  • Brand Product Design, Market Placement and Distribution

  • Brand Legacy Planning and Charitable Alignment Strategies

With Link Athlete Marketing, our clients become positioned as sought-after Athlete Brands, by sought-after Corporate Brands. We align the best brands with the best brands.