Our Plan Develops

We provide the resources and strategic direction to guide and enhance the long-term athletic development of our players. Our Development Division reflects the evolution of athlete management and is uniquely positioned as an industry leader in Long-term Athlete Development within the Athlete Management sphere.

When it comes to sport performance and athlete development, we don’t just talk about it, we are about it.

Utilizing The Four Seasons of Performance Planning Model™ and The PlayerCo Milestone Mapping System™ our team of highly qualified performance specialists support the athlete to help steward and optimize their training, recovery, performance, and development throughout each of the critical seasons of performance. With our in-house physical and mental performance specialists, we come along side and remain with our athletes throughout every step of their journey, whether it is setting and working towards their off-season goals or returning to play from an injury.

Our in-house development team has created The Link Action and Accountability System™ that prioritizes our athlete’s development objectives across each of the pillars of performance, establishes an action plan to attain those objectives, and commands accountability on behalf of all stakeholders in the process. The Development Division supplements the traditional training and development process to ensure that our athletes get the most out of those processes by maximizing their long-term athlete development, while increasing the probability of seeing them achieve their long-term performance goals.

The Development Division services include:

  • Injury susceptibility screening and pre-habilitation prescription

  • Performance needs assessment and training prescriptions

  • Mental performance training and consultation

  • Nutritional needs assessments and prescriptions

  • Concussion pre-screens and management

  • Return to play injury management consultation

Development needs to be personalized, directive driven and long term oriented. Our Development Division is not a weekend camp– it is with you through every phase and stage of your career.