Management Innovated

As trusted advisors to and for our clients, our clients are at the heart of everything we do. Well beyond the base service offering of negotiating contracts, our role extends to managing, facilitating and quarterbacking all of our clients’ needs. First, through Link’s Internal Service Team and then through the formalized service commitments established with our professional service partners. It is through Link’s in-house expertise and our formalized partnerships with leading experts and organizations within their respective fields, that The Link Athlete Office Model™ comes to life.

We understand the unique needs of our clients and that what they require most is a Trusted Advisor that is able to manage all of these complex and evolving needs for them, while they focus on doing what they do best, Winning Championships and building their brand. It is in response to seeking a strategy to more effectively manage all of these unique needs for our clients that Link Management developed and formally established The Link Athlete Office Model™ a new and innovative approach to Athlete Management.

With a mandate to support our clients on a pre, during and post career basis, The Link Athlete Office Model™ provides our clients with the services, structure, resources and expertise to deliver on this mandate. The Athlete Office™ provides our clients with the services, resources and support well beyond those required to only play their sport.

Using an inclusive, collaborative and engaging planning approach, the Internal Link Service Team acts as Trusted Advisor and Managing Director for all elements of The Client PlayerCo™. Through this process, our clients are provided priority access too and benefit from the services and expertise of Link’s Athlete Office Partners, who are pre-sourced ‘Best in Class’ industry experts specifically selected to meet the unique needs and complex requirements of our clients.

Each Athlete Office Partner provides our clients with the highest form of logistically effective, professionally sound and technically comprehensive solutions, either individually or collaboratively, to meet all of their professional, performance and lifestyle needs.

At Link Management, Our Team is Your Team and Our Office is The Athlete Office™