Empowering Families with Information and Choice

We understand the value of a scholarship and the impact that it can have on your athletic career and your personal life. Link Family Advisory is a critical component and independent service platform within the overall service structure of Link Management.

Not everyone will take, or should take, the same developmental path. Determining the correct path requires a great deal of education and complex decision making that, in most cases, has to be done at a very young age. Our Family Advisory Team specializes and differentiates itself in the ability to steward the amateur athlete process by guiding our clients through the Hockey Pathways Process™ at Link Management. Our Process ensures advisory client athletes end up in environments that will maximize both their personal and athletic development, and that this environment will provide them with the best opportunity to reach their goals.

The Family Advisory path is filled with complex, confusing and often misunderstood regulatory compliance requirements, where a mis-step can cost an amateur athlete their opportunity and eligibility for an NCAA scholarship. With many myths and a general lack of understanding when it comes to the types and values of scholarships available, scholarship offers, scholarship commitments and guarantee’s, recruitment, and communication restrictions between amateur athletes and school recruiters, to name just a few, it is the role and commitment of the Link Family Advisory Team to act as an information conduit and resource partner for families and amateur athletes considering the collegiate path as a viable option.

We take great pride in the relationships we have with the families who have entrusted us to advise them to make informed and confident decisions around choosing a collegiate versus major junior path. Using our history, experience, connections and expertise to promote and place our athletes with the right NCAA program, while ensuring all regulatory and compliance requirements are being met, is something we take very seriously and do very well.