Associate Advisor, Pro Player & Prospect Services

Andy’s love for sports and passion to compete was evidenced early as he sought out to play every sport available to him including Baseball, Hockey, Volleyball, Soccer, and Track & Field to name just a few. He was a star student athlete throughout his years in school winning Player of the Year and MVP on various teams and occasions. Andy’s love for sports has only been matched by his love of business. After schooling, Andy became an accomplished sales and management executive, specializing in brand marketing, business development and increasing revenue growth while optimizing operations. He has achieved significant successes in creating and maintaining marketing strategies for national and local brands, which has given him a keen eye for high impact branding and marketing initiatives.

Through the combination of his experience in sports and business, Andy has become an expert negotiator and has negotiate a wide range of specialized and complex deals from small business transactions to large scale corporate deals. With his experience in negotiations and his acute sense for markets and opportunities, Andy plays a key role in identifying and layout out strategies to maximize monetization for our athletes and their brands, while maintaining their brand relevance and market positioning.

In his capacity as Associate Advisor of Pro Player and Prospect Services and having graduated top of his class in Athlete Management from SMWW, Andy is a significant member of Link’s Player Advisory Team and has a key role in player identification at the Pro and Amateur level, statistical performance analysis, as well as in contract and endorsement negotiations for all of our Hockey and iSport Division athletes. Andy resides in Kelowna, BC Canada with his daughter.