From Athlete to Talent, We Help you Transition Well

Post career planning is a cornerstone of Link Management and one of the most important reasons we do what we do each day. Helping our athletes transition well by using The Link PlayerCo Planning System™ is our primary focus and service mandate from the first moments that our client partnership begins with them.

Many athletes, upon the conclusion of their playing careers, transition into coaching, scouting and management positions within their sports; media and broadcasting roles; or into the entertainment industry. By pro-actively working with and preparing our athletes for this transition, we are able to not only make this a seamless process but are able to maximize these opportunities and continue to support them through our Talent Management Division.

Our goal is not to simply support our clients during their playing careers, but rather to be actively engaged with them and contribute to their success throughout their pre, during and post career playing days.

For more information on our Talent Management Division and our post career planning strategies, contact and speak with a member of our Client Career Transitions Team.